Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sequel to our dance..

Okay okay ..So I am a complete doofus. Let me explain so here we are doing this little dance we do and I am in complete control of all emotions, then today I let you get to me. You fill my senses like a primal male mate. I don't want you too have control I need to stay focused so I am fighting. I try fighting the urges that come with your words. I am curious to know so much but resist the verbal combativeness. Our dance continues only you have slowed me down and are waltzing me across the floor with your dominance.

I am afraid to let you in, I beg you not to hurt me as before but I am so unsure of the road we are going down and left speechless by your new found approach. I vow to take a step back at this point and regain my wits. Nothing is going to deflect me from doing that. My walls are up and its going to take more than a few antics to bring them down I need proof. So can you keep up this dance if I am leading? I know this time I will not allow you to break me old friend.  So my plan to ignore you for a little bit to gain back my barrings is in full swing. So lets dance...

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